4 Common Myths About Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s is one of those elusive diseases that many people suffer from, yet even though it has been widely studied, there’s still very little verifiable information available about it. Certain myths about Alzheimer’s have been perpetuated over the years, giving people gravely dangerous misconceptions about what the disease is, what the symptoms are, and how they should treat people who have it. Here are a few of the most prevalent myths surrounding Alzheimer’s Disease that should be dispelled immediately.

Alzheimer’s Is Hereditary

Just like any other disease, a family history of Alzheimer’s might in fact increase your chances of developing the disease yourself. But, that doesn’t mean that you’re most certain to get it. There are actually a number of other factors that also come into play such as your physical and mental health, your surroundings, and other lifestyle choices you implement in your daily life.

Alzheimer’s Is Strictly an Elderly Disease

While it’s true that most people who have Alzheimer’s are over the age of 65, it’s possible to develop the condition in your 30’s and 40’s as well. This is known as early onset Alzheimer’s.

All People with Alzheimer’s Become Violent and Aggressive

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration regarding this common misconception. First off, each person with or without Alzheimer’s has unique personality traits so it’s unfair to make blanket assumptions about everyone who has the same disease. Second, part of what might make people with Alzheimer’s seem more aggressive is the fact that they suffer from a great deal of confusion and disorientation when it comes to their memories. They need good-natured people surrounding them to affirm what they already know or think to be true. If you’re constantly refuting what the person remembers or is trying to communicate to you, then you’re going to keep hitting a brick wall that’ll just upset them more. There’s no harm in letting a patient with Alzheimer’s believe what they think to be true because they experience reality differently than the rest of us. Part of good Alzheimer’s care is to educate yourself about these nuances and try to go with the flow with each patient or loved one with Alzheimer’s.

Your Life Is Over if You’re Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

This is possibly one of the most common misconceptions about Alzheimer’s disease that simply is not true. Yes, the disease may hinder certain activities, and in some ways, it will slow you down as it eventually deteriorates your brain’s and body’s natural functions. However, it’s completely possible to continue to lead a full and active life with Alzheimer’s. The type of life an Alzheimer’s patient leads depends largely on the amount of support and proper care they receive from their caregivers and loved ones.

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