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About Our Staff

Angie KunnathAngie Kunnath – Co-Owner and Chief Operations Officer

Angie is Co-Owner and Chief Operations Officer of Home Care Assistance (HCA) of Waterloo Region and Kitchener. Angie comes from a diverse background of finance and media communications. Her past experiences include back office operations in the finance sector where she honed her attention to details and customer service skills. Although successful in the banking industry, Angie had a calling to make a stronger impact socially – she wanted to get back to her passion of making a living by helping people live longer and live better. Angie has been an active member of various charity organizations. Angie understands the challenges people with debilitating injuries and other chronic conditions faced while trying to maintain their independence and dignity. Angie has experienced firsthand challenges the elderly face, when her grandmother suffered a debilitating stroke in 2003. Angie developed a passion for elderly care while being a caregiver to her grandmother. In doing so, she appreciated the importance of aging gracefully, surrounded by family and loved ones in the comfort of their home. Together with her team at HCA, she is determined to Change the Way the World Ages, one client at a time.

Helen TurnerHelen Turner – Associate Director Client Services

Helen is the Associate Director of Client Services at Home Care Assistance (HCA) Waterloo Region and Kitchener. Helen has been in the healthcare for 20 years. She started work in this industry as a caregiver in a nursing home whilst at high school. Her grandmother was a resident at the nursing home and suffered from dementia, and Helen was one of her caregivers. Helen went on to obtain her nursing degree and worked in the healthcare industry across Europe, New Zealand, and Canada prior to settling in the KW area. She is currently undertaking her MBA in marketing and her primary focus within HCA is on Business Development.
Helen has seen first hand how care for the elderly and those with dementia has changed and improved over the last 20 years. She believes that Changing the Way the World Ages with the focus on holistic care of the individual and improving their quality of life is of the utmost importance when providing care and support for both the client and their family.

MichelleMichelle Roulston- Client Care Coordinator

Michelle is a Client Care Coordinator of Home Care Assistance (HCA) of Waterloo Region and Kitchener. Michelle has joined the team with experience in the health care industry from a rehabilitation and long term care focus. She completed her Undergraduate Honours Bachelors and Graduate studies in Kinesiology, from Lakehead University. Since then, she has experience in rehabilitation in the Cardiac centre in the hospital, motor vehicle accident patients in the clinic, as well as the elderly in long term care facilities. Once Michelle understood and noticed the need for focus to our aging population, she wanted to make an impact in a way where care can be provided in the comfort of each person’s home. She has always been passionate about helping and caring for others, and can appreciate the struggles that our clients’ and their families’ face, having close family battle terminal illness. She is a very family-centered person and wants to Change the Way the World Ages, as if each person was her own family.

Matt Vijayan – Co-Owner and Director

Matt is Co-Owner and Director of Home Care Assistance (HCA) of Waterloo region and Kitchener. Matt has been in the healthcare industry for nearly 20 years. Matt understands the challenges related to cardiovascular conditions, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other dementia. In his career, Matt has worked closely with community hospitals, nursing homes and independent living facilities. Matt received his MBA from Athabasca University and holds a B.Sc degree. Matt developed his passion for home care while caring for his grandmother who was battling with a terminal illness. He valued his family’s commitment to providing quality of life, while in the comfort of her home and surrounded by loved ones. He understands from personal experience the challenges facing seniors with illnesses and the stress this puts on their loved ones and caregivers. Matt’s passion to Change the Way the World Ages is evident in everything that he does, both personally and professionally.