What Physical Dangers Can Alzheimer’s Pose?

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What Are the Physical Dangers of Alzheimer's in Waterloo, CAN?

Though Alzheimer’s disease is mostly known for the effects it has on cognitive abilities, these symptoms can also lead to dangerous situations that jeopardize a senior’s physical health. Kitchener elderly care experts discuss a few risks your elderly loved one faces if he or she has Alzheimer’s and offer tips to help you prevent each situation.

Bone Fractures

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease may be at a heightened risk for falls and subsequent fractures. Alzheimer’s can cause confusion and disorientation, which can lead to falling down the stairs or tripping over an object on the floor. Your loved one may not remember the house even has stairs or forget to pick up his or her feet when trying to clear an obstacle. Bones become thinner and more brittle with age, which increases your loved one’s risk of sustaining a fracture after a fall.


Alzheimer’s can also put seniors at a greater risk for getting burned while cooking. For instance, your loved may not realize his or her shirtsleeves are making contact with the flames or that the oven has caught fire. If your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, consider hiring an Alzheimer’s caregiver in Kitchener to supervise him or her when cooking.


Sunburn is another risk for seniors with memory related conditions like Alzheimer’s. They may forget to put sunscreen on or not realize they are already sunburned after spending time outdoors. Seniors with Alzheimer’s may not understand the importance of going inside or seeking shelter in a shady area after they’ve been burned. Your loved one may also be at a greater risk for developing heat stroke if he or she doesn’t realize the significance of getting out of the sun and into a cool environment.

Food Poisoning

Seniors who are unable to decipher food labels may be putting themselves at risk for food poisoning because they don’t or can’t read expiration dates. Make sure to toss all expired or questionable foods out of your loved one’s refrigerator so he or she doesn’t accidentally consume a spoiled or expired product.

For additional tips on keeping your loved one safe while managing Alzheimer’s symptoms, reach out to KW Home Care Assistance. Our expertly trained Alzheimer’s caregivers are available around the clock to assist with mobility, provide mental stimulation, and help with tasks like cooking and grocery shopping. Learn more about our high-quality Alzheimer’s and dementia care in Kitchener by calling (519) 954-2111 and requesting a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable Care Managers.


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