Exercises for Seniors with Mobility Challenges

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Exercise Advice for Elders with Mobility Challenges

Does your elderly loved one face daily issues with mobility, and you’re wondering which exercises can help build his or her inner and outer strength? To help your loved one find the best exercise solutions, the experienced senior care staff at Home Care Assistance of Waterloo wants to share some effective options.


Stretching can increase your loved one’s flexibility and loosen tight muscles and joints, both of which become more important to everyday mobility with age. Other benefits include increased energy, greater blood circulation, and improved posture.


Aerobic exercises can raise your loved one’s heart rate, increasing circulation and cardiovascular health, and improve stamina. Encourage your loved one to try a cardio chair workout designed for seniors specifically with mobility challenges. These workouts are zero-impact and can be adjusted for your loved one’s specific needs.

Strength Training

With approval from your loved one’s doctor, lightweight dumbbells or resistance bands can be used to increase strength, improve walking ability, and prevent muscle deterioration.

Water Activities

Many gyms and recreation centers offer flotation devices designed for those with limited mobility. Water exercises can be a great option for your loved one because the buoyancy of the water will take pressure off his or her joints. Kicks, punches, and slow jumping jacks in the water can help your loved one experience an enjoyable workout in the water with less pain.

If everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning are harder for your loved one to complete due to mobility challenges, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We offer live-in and hourly care in Waterloo, and our caregivers can assist with everything from assistance during physical activity to personal grooming. For more information, contact one of our knowledgeable Care Managers at (519) 954-2111.


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