How to Assist Your Elderly Loved One with Stroke Recovery

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How to Help Seniors Recover from Stroke at Home in Waterloo, CAN

Recovering from a stroke can be challenging for both the stroke survivor and the family members providing elderly care in Kitchener. However, the process can be easier to manage with the right approach. Consider these tips to help your aging loved one recover from a stroke at home.

Modify the Home for Safety

Seniors are at an increased risk for falls following a stroke. You can help prevent a fall by ensuring the walkways and halls in your loved one’s home are free of excess clutter and furniture. You should also remove or secure any throw rugs. Since the majority of falls occur in the bathroom, consider adding grab bars and antiskid strips to the shower or bathtub.

Make It Easier to Get Dressed

Hemiparesis following a stroke can make it difficult for your loved one to dress without assistance. This inability to perform simple tasks independently can contribute to feelings of helplessness and depression. You can help your loved one by buying slip-on shoes or with Velcro straps, pants with elastic waistbands instead of zippers, and shirts that fasten with snaps or Velcro.

Encourage Participation in Stroke Recovery Programs

A doctor can design a stroke recovery regimen based on your loved one’s needs. This may include meeting with physical, occupational, and speech-language therapists. These specialists can help your loved one recover lost skills, including speech, memory, and even walking.

Look for Signs of Depression

Up to 50 percent of stroke survivors experience symptoms of depression during recovery. This can negatively affect rehabilitation and recovery efforts. Early signs of depression include an inability to control emotions, negative changes in attitude, and thoughts of self-harm.

Get Help

Your loved one will likely require a significant amount of hands-on care following a stroke. It is unlikely you will be able to handle all of the caregiving duties alone and tend to your own needs and wellbeing at the same time. An in-home stroke caregiver in Kitchener can help provide the additional support you and your loved one need.

The stroke caregivers at Kitchener Home Care Assistance can facilitate your loved one’s recovery in many ways. This includes, but is not limited to, assisting with mobility, providing transportation to medical appointments, and offering emotional support. In addition to stroke care, we also offer comprehensive dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s care Kitchener seniors and their families can rely on. For more information on our in-home care services, call one of our experienced Care Managers at (519) 954-2111 to request your complimentary consultation.


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