Waterloo’s Trusted Choice for In-Home Stroke Care

After a senior parent or loved one experiences a stroke, you’ll need to learn about new medication schedules, diet restrictions, home safety hazards, and most importantly, how to meet your loved one’s new physical, emotional, and cognitive needs. When families are uncertain about the next steps to take after a senior loved one’s stroke, they rely on Home Care Assistance, a trusted provider of stroke care in Waterloo that is recognized for high caliber caregivers, flexible hourly and live-in care, and exceptional care management.

Promoting Independence During Post-Stroke Recovery

Knowing that independence is highly valued by the aging population, our stroke caregivers allow seniors to perform as much of their regular tasks as possible so they can regain and retain physical strength, as well as a sense of accomplishment and value. When assistance is needed, our stroke caregivers will be there to make sure the task is completed safely.

Caregivers Reduce the Risk of Secondary Stroke

Families enjoy peace of mind knowing a trained stroke caregiver is by their loved one’s side to carefully monitor health and report any significant changes in physical or cognitive abilities to the senior’s doctor as soon as possible. To reduce the risk of a secondary stroke, our caregivers encourage seniors to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and encourage:

  • Participation in daily exercise and physical, occupational, and speech therapies
  • A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains
  • Social ties and provide companionship and emotional support
  • Seniors to limit alcohol and quit smoking

Care for Senior Stroke Survivors with Limited Mobility

While we do provide hourly stroke care on an as-needed basis, we specialize in live-in stroke care which ensures safety and maximizes comfort for seniors who may be experiencing paralysis, a loss in fine motor skills, or dramatic changes in cognitive functioning. Our stroke caregivers will take on all activities of daily living, allowing seniors to focus on their recovery and rehabilitation.

Benefits of Hiring A Prominent Home Care Agency for Hospice Care for Your Elderly Loved One

If your loved one is currently receiving hospice care as a result of a massive stroke and you’re finding it increasingly difficult to provide the assistance and support they need, then it’s time to consider securing in-home elderly care for them in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Guelph. In fact, there are numerous ways in which doing so can help to improve both your quality of life and the quality of life of your elderly loved one.

  • Driving and Helping to Complete Errands

The whole point of providing stroke care in Kitchener is to help patients and their families maintain their overall quality of life in light of the tragic and difficult circumstances they’re facing. All of our caregivers are trained professionals who are carefully selected by our organization. Part of their job description is to help the families of our patients in any capacity necessary, within reason. This includes driving elderly stroke victims to medical appointments, administering medications, and helping them complete their weekly errands or even doing the errands for them, depending on the degree of the person’s condition.

  • Provide Companionship and Participate in Activities

Even people who’ve suffered debilitating strokes still require some level of mental and physical stimulation. This means having someone to talk to and do activities with on a regular basis. Even if their verbal communication and motor skills are severely diminished, it still helps the patient to know that there’s someone who enjoys spending time with them and takes an interest in their needs. Constant companionship is an important yet often overlooked aspect of providing complete and effective live-in senior assistance in Kitchener.

  • Mobility Assistance

In addition to a diminished mental capacity and motor skills, elderly stroke patients also suffer from extremely limited mobility and therefore require a great deal of assistance simply getting around their homes. If they’re not properly cared for, this can result in serious injuries as they try to manoeuvre themselves in the bathroom, the kitchen, and other areas of the house. For that reason, it’s important to ensure that you find ample high-quality care for your elderly loved one who’s sustained a stroke. Securing in-home help for your elderly loved one in Kitchener gives you peace of mind, prevents injury, and guarantees that the patient will be getting the good quality assistance they need to complete their everyday activities without issue.

  • Medication Reminders

Another benefit of hiring a professional in-home caregiver in Kitchener is that there’ll always be someone available to remind your loved one when it’s time to take their medications. If your loved one has suffered an extremely debilitating stroke that’s left them completely immobile, then the caregiver will directly administer the medications to them during the appropriate times.

  • Meal Preparation and Complete Nutrition

Part of providing first-rate care for elderly stroke patients in Kitchener and Waterloo is to also guarantee that they’re receiving the proper nutrition they need to lead as healthy a lifestyle as possible, despite their current predicament. Caregivers are responsible for preparing healthy and wholesome meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for your elderly loved one without compromise and making sure these meals are served in a timely manner.

  • Personal Care

Assisting with personal care entails helping your elderly loved one dress themselves, take showers, brush their teeth, assist with toileting, brushing and styling their hair, etc. Anything that promotes good hygiene and cleanliness falls under this category and caregivers are trained to familiarize themselves with the specific personal needs of their patients.

  • Invaluable Emotional Support for the Patient and Their Family

Never underestimate the immense value of asking someone for help when it comes to caring for your elderly parent or loved one. A lot of people tend to feel ashamed when it comes to hiring a caregiver because they feel like they’re taking the easy way out, so to speak. Even if that were true, there’s nothing wrong with having a trained professional care for your loved one because they have a unique outsider’s perspective of your loved one. They didn’t know your loved one before the stroke, which means they’re not bogged down by emotions or grief resulting from the loss of the person they once were. Caregivers provide a clear perspective of their charges and they take on a compassionate, yet pragmatic approach to their work, which can be very refreshing and relieving for familial caregivers. Just keep reminding yourself that it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for and accept help once in a while.

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