What to Do When Your Elderly Relative Resists Help

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What You Can Do When Your Senior Loved One Resists Help in Waterloo, CAN

Put yourself in your loved one’s shoes and imagine how difficult it must be to realize the limitations of independence at an elderly age. After a life of being self-reliant and strong, accepting help with daily tasks and receiving Kitchener home care may not always come easily for most seniors. However, there are still ways to assist your loved one even when your help is being refused.

Purchase a Health Monitoring System

Having a health monitoring system at home can provide your loved one with the opportunity to call for help if he or she ends up in a dangerous situation. Many monitoring systems can be carried around in a pocket and feature a call button that lets the user call for medical assistance in case of an emergency. These systems can give you peace of mind knowing your loved one has a way receive help when you are not around.

Involve Family Members

Involving other close relatives can create a sense of comfort for senior who are not open to receiving outside help. Family members usually understand their loved one’s personality and can better assess his or her needs and wants.

Spend Time Together

Bring over lunch for the both of you and have a friendly chat. While you are there, you can help with chores like laundry or cooking. This way, rather than appearing to be solely helping your loved one, your assistance can be viewed as just wanting to spend time together. Ideally, your loved one will see how much he or she actually needs the assistance.

Exercise Compassion

Demonstrating compassion and understanding your loved one’s needs may be the key to ending his or her resistance. Even if your assistance is initially refused, kind words and encouragement may make it easier for your loved one to eventually accept your help.

We know it may be hard for your loved one to accept any help, but a little compassion from the right caregiver can go a long way. If you are looking for a live-in or part-time caregiver in Kitchener, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Whether it’s help with simple tasks like light housekeeping and grocery shopping, or more extensive care such as mobility assistance, our caregivers are trained to provide your loved one with the care he or she needs to remain comfortable while aging in place. Our senior care services all come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there are no hidden fees, and you’ll never need to sign a long-term contract. For more information, call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers at (519) 954-2111.


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