By Angie Kunnath, 9:00 am on July 10, 2015

Stroke victims that are treated within 90 minutes of the onset of stroke symptoms have the highest rate of recovery and show the most improvement in the months following. Because every minute counts when it comes to these medical emergencies, families should understand some of the most common stroke symptoms….

By Angie Kunnath, 9:00 am on July 3, 2015

Once you’ve decided that your elderly loved one can no longer continue living alone, the next step is investigate his or her care options. Senior home care in Waterloo is one of the most popular options for families looking for elderly care. To help understand why home care is a…

By Angie Kunnath, 8:00 am on June 26, 2015

While some seniors are more tech-savvy than others, most are not familiar with the social media platform, Facebook. However, the website, which allows users to create a personal profile, as well as connect and share their thoughts, images, and more with friends and family, may be a fun and beneficial…